Electric Spin Scrubber with Base with Adjustable Extension Arm 6 Replaceable Cleaning Heads

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48 reviews for Electric Spin Scrubber with Base with Adjustable Extension Arm 6 Replaceable Cleaning Heads

Based on 48 reviews
  1. Beverly Shackelford

    Just what I needed to make cleaning easier. I hate cleaning, so anything to help speed up the process is ok by me! The stand sucks, but everything is awesome. I can recommend, if you don¡®t care for the stand.

  2. Mark Evans

    Why has it taken so long to add a motor to a handheld cleaning brush and give it a rechargeable battery? Surely the extra power will help clean a surface?The answer is an emphatic yes! The extra power works surprisingly well.I used the Akktol Electric Spin Scrubber on my basement rental. It quickly scrubbed away the grout stains in the shower and powered through all manner of dirt and grime. The adjustable length handle gave me much-needed reach. The ability to clean a surface without bending over or reaching up cannot be understated.The attachments are perfect.My one quibble is with the charging/storage base. I would have liked to have something a bit sturdier and smaller.The Akktol Electric Spin Scrubber is an easy five stars regardless.

  3. Aimee

    Anything is better than getting down on my knees to clean the tub! If your tub is disgusting, you may need to use some elbow grease first or last to help out with the brush as it does slow if a ton of pressure is put on it to really scrub a dirty spot. Once it¡®s clean though, this is great for weekly cleanings and maintaining a slightly dirty shower. It is rechargeable so that is a pro or a con depending on your preference. I do like the rack that comes with it to hold the scrubber and all the attachments though just to keep it all together

  4. Angie

    i love this! the quality is great

  5. Jami Wil

    I am only 5¡¯2¡± and both the showers in my home are tiled all the way to the ceiling. This makes cleaning them quite difficult.This scrubber has been exceptionally helpful in this job. I did read others say they found it quite powerful and hard to control. I can see how this could appear to be a complication, but I have found that I don¡¯t have that issue simply my changing the scrubber used. The higher areas don¡¯t need the amount of scrubbing the main floor does. I spray my cleaner on and use one of the softer brush attachments to do my upper walls and then the scrub brush for the floor areas.I do really like that this has a stand to keep everything easily assessable and organized.This set comes with every attachment I think you could need for inside and outside of your home. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to transition to just a small handheld scrubber. Unfortunately because it does not, I did purchase s handheld one to keep on my main floor for my kitchen and powder room. For this reason, and this reason only I have given 4/5 stars.I hope this review is helpful in your purchase.

  6. Miss Heather

    This spin brush is a cleaning miracle! I am always on the lookout for products that will make cleaning easier for me as I have a bad back and bursitis in my hips, so most everything I do, I have to do sitting down. With that being said the long handle on this spin brush was ideal for me to clean the shower which I had not gotten too in months mostly because I have been taking baths and I loathed the task of scrubbing that soap scum off of the glass. I stumbled upon this spin brush and decided to give it a try hoping it would help me complete this dreadful task. It comes charged right out of the box and ready to use. You need not apply much pressure because the brush will do the work! I sprayed on my scum remover, let it sit, and then used the brush and sponge attachments to clean inside and out of the shower, it made quick, easy and satisfying work of this task! If you are in need of deep cleaning, I whole heartedly recommend this product!

  7. CCUSA

    I¡®ve done a handful of Vine reviews and by far and away this is my absolute favorite product to date. And I mean by a wide margin. I wish I could give this thing 10 stars.First the build quality is excellent. All the pieces fit together like it’s an Aston Martin. Everything operates as intended and has a solid feel. The brushes slip on/off while the handle pieces lock together and have push button disconnects. No, the brushes don’t have a lock but I had no problems with them coming off.Next you get (an almost) complete package. A variety of brush heads, a wand extension, a USB C cable, and a stand to put it all in. One of my peeves with some competing products is they provide a lot of loose parts that end up getting lost. The stand provided with this is an excellent addition and actually isn’t half bad looking either. Bravo…. Oh, almost complete? You don’t get the wall brick so you’ll have to plug the USB C cable into a USB port of some kind (computer or if you’re like me you have about 10 bricks sitting around the house somewhere – so not a huge deal).There is so much versatility in what is supplied, and it functions so well, there are uses for this all around the house. At the same time it accomplishes all this without being overly bulky/heavy which allows you to use it without getting tired. Now for my experience – cleaning bath tubs (mine have a full surrounds so it’s more than just a tub).Charged the scrubber and went to work cleaning tubs. My cleaning solution is 8 Oz Dawn with 24 Oz cleaning vinegar. Spray and let sit for 30-60 minutes. Then attack. This scrubber just makes the whole process so much easier. No more bending down. No more scrubbing with sweat rolling down your forehead. Just a consistently powerful rotating brush which doesn’t need a lot of pressure to get the job done while being easy to control. Did I mention how great this is? Well it is.Anyway cleaned tub #1 and it looked great. I’d say much cleaner with 50% (or less) of the effort. Now tub #2 was really interesting because in addition to the surround it has sliding glass doors. Think lots of nice crevices. After a general scrubbing using the large circle brush I tried the corner brush to get into the bottom of the sliding glass doors. Yuck. I think there was gunk in there that was probably as old as the unit. I never realized the manual brush I had been using didn’t reach into some of these areas. Well, now it’s clean. Sweet.Charging takes a few hours and a full charge was plenty to do both of my tubs with power to spare. There are 2 speeds and I used high speed the entire time. The USB charging port is located on the bottom of the handle. The handle also has 3 indicator lights on top to show state of charge/charging.If you thought it doesn’t get any better AKKTOL sells a set of 6 replacement brush heads on Amazon for a reasonable amount ($20 as of 08/31/22).Yes, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Almost makes me look forward to cleaning the tubs. No, nothing on the face of the planet will make me look forward to doing it so ‘almost’ is an achievement.

  8. Andrea

    I wish it did come with a smaller handle option for like smaller areas to have more control over the spinning . Not exactly sure what cleaning supplies to use. Like wet cleaners , does the brush just clean ?! Didn¡¯t know what I could use, the small corner brush I wasn¡¯t thrilled with. But the soft cloth one was great for hard to reach cob webs and over the door dust

  9. Rodnica Ward

    I received this product and it does not work!

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